Monday, March 17, 2008

A Mug of Wildflower Tea

I have one more entry in Gracious Hospital-i-tea's cupa-tea week. I hinted that I don't much appreciate mugs for drinking tea, but then when I thought about it more today, I realized that I have several tea mugs I enjoy, but they are pretty ones, and all were made in England. This very afternoon I drank some tea out of this one that is covered with wildflowers. I do enjoy my mugs that have pink roses and pretty blue flowers, but this one with wildflowers is my very favorite. One side of the mug features violets. The details are lovely, even showing the seed pod bursting with life. In the middle are some sunflowers with grass in the background
On the other side is some pretty pink flowers which I don't recognize. There are some tiny white somethings sprouting underneath the leaves too.

I had so much fun researching my tea cup that I thought I would see if I could find out anything about the company that made this mug.The bottom of the mug said it bone china, made in England by Roy Kirkman Pottery. I learned from their website that the company is only 30 years old, but they make some beautiful pieces. When I looked at their website I was amazed! They make beautiful tea cups, mugs and tea pots, featuring flowers, birds, nature and teddy bears. I think I liked every thing I saw there. Every piece would be a joy to hold and drink from.

And now I'd like to know how this mug made it's way to America to a thrift shop so that I could pick it up and bring it home to use and enjoy, and why am I so attracted to English made tea cups and mugs.

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La Tea Dah said...

I love your tea mug, Elizabeth Joy. Like you, I don't consider these 'regular mugs' and I use them for daily, household tea as well. I like this china company. . .their products are well made and hold up to household use well. When friends come to visit, I usually always serve tea. . .and for the men. . .I use a tea mug rather than a teacup. They seem more comfortable with it.

Thanks for sharing twice this week! Awesome!

:) LaTeaDah

Carrie said...

Thanks for the link to the Roy Kirkham Pottery.

Theresa said...

This is a beautiful mug! I have a tea in one from him, that was a gift from a friend and also a very large cup with gorgeous roses, like a water color painting, that I bought in Victoria. It's big like a soup cup and I like it. D got his prize today and is ecstatic! :o)Thank you!

Anonymous said...

that's a lovely mug.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful tea mugs. Thanks for the link to the china company. I went there and you are right. They have some very pretty things.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, thank you for sharing the link to that pottery company: their stuff is beautiful.

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