Monday, January 5, 2009

An Outfit for My Niece - Butterick 4009

So what have I been doing while were were snowed in this Christmas? Making cute things for my niece. She came to visit me this weekend, and this is what was in her package. A complete brown and pink outfit.

I didn't have time to make things like this for my own toddlers, but now their big enough to do things while I sew without getting into trouble.

I used Butterick pattern 4009 for both the dress and the coat. The dress went together in a pretty standard way. The sizing turned out accurate for weight and height, though I was a little scared, because there wasn't a bust measurement or a finished size measurement on the pattern.

The coat pattern had some problems though. I made view B which has a pleat on the top front, near the shoulders. There is a lining pattern pieces which I cut out as recommended, but it turned out to be the lining for view A. This I didn't discover until the lining was completely sew in and I was getting ready to attach it to the bottom of the hem of the fleece outer layer. It wasn't big enough. What to do? I thought and then hemmed the lining separately from the fleece layer, though it required some sewing gymnastics. I recommend making only View A, unless you are a talented seamstress, and can design a properly sized View B lining, or can figure out on your own to hem them separately. I didn't take photos while I did the work, because I didn't know if my process would even work. Another adjustment I made to the pattern is to make pink cuffs. If I had followed the pattern, they would have been the same color as the rest of the coat. I had to think it out and figure out how to make it work. It wasn't too hard, but the pattern didn't tell me how.

I used flannel backed satin for the lining for added warm, and because it was what I had on hand
Since I had extra fabric from the jumper, I figured that a little girl would need a purse. I used Simplicity 5638. I sewed two pieces of ribbon together to make a contrasting handle. And I sewed on two little doodads (a clay teddy bear and a pink clay dress) to play with and a big pink button from my button box. Inside there was a little Loving Family doll to play with.The good news is that it all fits - perfectly!

And she'll be ready to go in a jiffy.

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

That's an outfit to keep forever and pass on to the next generation. Just beautiful.

I have a few dresses that my grandmother made for my daughter, her namesake. I treasure those little dresses, I know that outfit will be treasured as well.

Teresa said...

Yes, this outfit will be treasured! It is absolutely beautiful! Thanks Auntie for our lovely outfit!

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to see her in this outfit. It looks so cute!!!

Pamela said...

simply A..dooor...a..bull!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful soon to be heirloom you have made for your niece! It is so feminine and I like that!

God has given you the wonderful gift of sewing and what a neat way to share your talent.