Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday - Quilted Table Runner

I do have one more item for Sew Crafty Friday. I made my first quilted table runner. I've made large quilts that require much patience, because it takes so long to finish. But this table runner took me just part of a day! It was so much fun. I purchased the blue and white snowflake fabrics, and then was able to finish it off with fabrics from my stash. At one point I was ready to make a run to the fabric store, because I didn't have the right fabrics to go with the pattern. But then I decided that I'd rather make do with what I had, and I'm glad I did. I changed the pattern to work with the fabric I already had. It turned out great! It was fun to piece, and easy to machine quilt. I wanted the snow flakes to match the winter theme. But also to remind us of how God wants to make our hearts whiter then snow.

P.S. Yes, after I looked at the pictures, I did find a piecing mistake. Isn't it wonderful that our salvation is based on the perfection of Jesus, and not our own?

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Pamela said...

it looks great to me.

Ginny said...

I wish I could make large quilts, but my last attempt many years ago left me frustrated and discouraged. It is functionable, but definately not showcase quality. I love the runner. Maybe that's something more my size I could try in the future. I think the piecing error gives it character. Simply lovely work.

La Tea Dah said...

Very pretty! I love the small bands between the triangles. Do you share patterns?????


Elizabeth Joy said...

If I thought about it a little bit, I could try to tell you how to do it. But I changed the pattern in the magazine to fit what I had, so it might not be clear. If I get time, I try to write a few directions that might help.