Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An Excellent Award to Share

Barb - Art Harmony Mom, as passed a blog award on to me. Thank you very much, Barb, for the compliment. If you didn't already have the award, I'd pass it straight to you, for your blogs have been such an inspiration to me.

You are supposed to pass the award on to ten other people. I don't know how to choose between all the blogs I read, because I think all of them are excellent, else I wouldn't be reading them. So, if you have ever found a comment of mine on your blog, know that I think your blog is excellent! Thank you for being there to brighten and enrich my life. I am blessed to know you!

I know the rules say I'm supposed to pass the award to ten people, but I'm going to pass on to two new bloggers I know instead. Please do stop by and welcome them.

Hildegard at Ladder of Mercy has been blogging since January 22. She is a person full of enthusiasm for life! She is an excellent pianist and a good friend. She loves to learn new things. There are so many classes we would like to take together. I just know that she is going to have all kinds of interesting things to talk about, and maybe even teach us. She has pictures up of her senior piano recital today. You have just got to see what fun it must have been. And I missed it!

Autumn Grace at Nature's Sanctuary has been blogging two days less then Hildegard, but she has been my friend since about 1990! We have so many things in common. I've always known she has an eye for beauty, but I have never read her words about life. Her way of writing is a real treat to read. She is snowed in right now, but that doesn't make her gloomy. She instead has taken the time to write about the things of wonder in her snowy winter land. I just know you are really going to like her too.

Now ladies, since you are new to blogging, I doubt you are going to have someone else to pass the award too. But don't worry, you don't need too, unless you want to.

2 bouquets of wildflowers (Comment here):

Autumn Grace said...

I am so honored to receive the "E" blog award for excellence. It warms my heart! Thank you for your heartfelt comments on your post. I'd pass it back to you if I could because I love reading your blog:)

Hildegard said...

You've just inspired me to write five posts a day! How fun.

And since I'm new to blogging...I have to ask how I would pass this on... :)