Monday, February 11, 2008

Wildflower Dishes - Wildflowers in My Home

I am slowly growing my collection of wildflower dishes as I browse garage sales and second hand stores. I just love the top platter with a purple cone flower and a swallowtail butterfly all in one place. Can't you just smell the fresh air that rushed in the door with one look at the lovely painting? Isn't it great that people are growing cone flowers in their gardens now too? I haven't had great success with them here, but I am going to try again this year, and put them in a different location and see if that helps.
This heart shaped dish features flowers that I think must be some kind of blue bell, some asters at the point of the heart, some clover leaves on the right, and maybe buttercups on the left. It is so pretty, it usually stands in the back of my china cupboard, but there have been times I have brought it out to serve some dainty treats at a tea party.
This last plate is almost alive with butterflies and wildflowers. I seems to come straight from the meadow. I don't recognize any of the flowers except the red clover and a daisy relative at the bottom. And I'm not sure if any of the butterflies are really drawn from life, but even if they aren't they are so realistic looking that I can almost taste the sweetness that comes out of each tube in the red clover. I only have one of these plates, but I find myself so happy when I use it, either to eat on or to serve something delicious for my family.

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Anonymous said...

What a pretty little heart-shaped dish. Very appropriate for this week of the year. Will you keep it out and use it for Valentine's Day?