Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mr. Vince, the Hermit Crab

Forest Zoo has a new hermit crab. We are so happy, because Forest Zoo has finished all his grade one Pathways readers and mama gave him a new friend for his zoo, a nice active crab. Forest named him Mr. Vince, the invincible, because nothing sees to stop him. Before the day was done, he had traded his shell for an extra one that we had in the terrarium. The next morning, Hermie, our 4 year old crab traded his shell for the one the one Mr. Vince had come with. They seem to be getting along just fine.

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MyThreeDaughters said...

Hi. Recently, this month we moved our 20 year old son to a new flat with his girlfriend. On the way to the flat we were to meet them there, they bought a crab. They have since bought a new one and he climbs his plastic trees.