Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Freezes and Thaws

Two days after Christmas the weather started changing, rather rapidly. A warm Chinook wind started blowing, and the temperature started rising, and everything started melting, fast. Soon the dry creek in the valley was overflowing with water, the ground was saturated, and mud was being tracked in on the carpet. We had warm weather and rain for almost a week.

Then, this Friday morning, we woke up to this. We had no idea it was coming. It was just below freezing and snowed hard and fast. Big goose down flakes filled the sky, so we could hardly see the neighbor's house. It was wet and easy to pack, so of course, as soon as Forest Zoo got permission, he was out creating the largest snowman he had ever made.

He thought he was making a snowman, but I think that he is really THE Snow Man. We all know that this snow is his fault, because he won't stop praying for more and deeper. And we all know that God loves to answer the prayers of little children.

By early afternoon the temperature rose above freezing, the snow stopped falling, and the snowman started melting. By the next morning, his head had fallen off, but the fun memories of the biggest snowman ever remains.

Just before dark the clouds above the hills lit up in an unusual display of contrasts.

The temperature dropped that night, and we woke up yesterday morning to cold, crunchy stuff on the ground. It stayed cold all day.

And then the sunset turned the hills pink. What a beautiful ending to a day. How good to know the God who makes such glorious displays for us to enjoy. It isn't just art and creativity, it is a daily gift from a loving and powerful friend who knows what brings me delight.

"I lift up my eyes to hills. From whence cometh my help? My help cometh from the Lord, the creator of heaven and earth."

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