Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deep snow 2008

So we don't forget just how deep this snow really was, the week before Christmas 2008, I thought I'd better include a few more photos for memories sake, and for those who would care to look at more snow without having to wade through it.

I've never seen things so buried under here before.

I don't know how many times we cleaned off the mailbox. We went four days without mail delivery, before they finally figured out how to get through. The hero of the post office came through on Sunday before Christmas though, and brought us some important packages. It is our first time ever to have Sunday delivery, but no week day delivery.

With snow shoveled off the driveway, Forest Zoo and Emily Rose set to work at fort building. Forest even rigged himself up a flag. He was ready to bomb anyone who came near. Do you see how big the icicles are in the window? We've never had any there before. We've had too many days of temperatures near zero.

Watch out you ladies and gents, Forest is armed. But don't worry too much. The snow is too dry to pack into balls, and breaks up before it reaches you. You are safe as long as he remains inside his fort, but watch out for mischief if he gets close.

Emily Rose set up quarters on the opposite side of the driveway, over the flower garden. She made three rooms in her fort, but I think she has no evil intentions. In fact, if the weather allowed, I believe you might be able to stop by for tea.

The little birds love this little Weeping Cherry tree. The snow made a bit of a snow fort for them too, as it made a fine cap on top of the tree. The birds could fly inside for shelter from the cold and the cats.

I can hardly believe how much snow there is on the Blue Spruce Tree. It is the same tree that was leaning over last January after our big wind storm. We pulled it back up straight with some ropes, gave it some water, and it seems to have survived just fine. We left the ropes there, just in case, though. Just look how deep the snow piled up on those branches. It has been really fun to see, and makes the inconvenience of the snow a little less bothersome.

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Pamela said...

I think the snow ruined the lower branches of our little ornamental cedar tree. (sniff boo hooo)

Jennifer said...

I am just another lover of wildflowers and I wanted to let you know how beautiful I think your blog is.

La Tea Dah said...

So much snow! We have two vehicles buried in your town! Hopefully the melt-off works on a flood-free schedule!


Anonymous said...

I thinks the forts look like a lot of fun!!!!
Auntie Karen

La Tea Dah said...

Are you floating away? With all this warm weather and all your snow --- I imagine that your youngest is probably canoeing!

:) LaTeaDah

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Your fort builders are too cute! I think I'd enjoy both- a good snowball fight and a cup of snow-tea!