Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day Walk

We took the most scenic route for our walk on Christmas day. It was the easiest snow walking we had had for a while, conditions were at the best and the sun was bright making very nice light. We were able to see quite a few interesting things. Come along and linger with us as some of the sights along the way.

A mule deer was wandering through some trees a ways from the road.

The river was moving along nicely, snow piled up along it's banks, and tree branches of many colors along the shore.

Sunlight and shadows played together on the river bank.

A stately tree guarded a welcoming farmhouse that has sheltered farmers and their families for several generations.

By the house rested a white crowned haystack.

Cows gathered round their feed didn't seem to mind the cold.

We got back home just when the sun was getting low and turned the valley the tiniest bit of pink saying good-night to another lovely winter day.

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VJ said...

Those are some really pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Your neck of the woods really does not get that kind of snow, does it. I think you had more than we do!

Happy New Year!