Thursday, December 11, 2008

Light Dawning

I'm fascinated with light and color. Two days ago I was out walking near sunset and there were little cotton ball clouds up in the sky. Between each one there was a bit of deep blue sky. As the sunset show started orange and red started to light up the sky and then it hit the cotton ball clouds and set them aflame. It was as if their closest edges really were on fire. It felt like a burning bush moment. The kids and I had to be still and know that the face of our Creator still can be seen in the face His creation, even after all these years of sin's destruction.

Last week God's light came shining in through my window at sunrise, and I was there at the right moment to see it. As I stepped into the kitchen for the first time that morning, a purple etched vase caught that light and the light caught my attention. I had to stand gazing at the light as if I'd never seen it before. There was something special about it this morning.

God's light is always shining on the world. Just like the rain, He gives us light's warmth and color even though we have done nothing to deserve it. He sends it down on the good and the bad, because His love is not based on our goodness or our badness, it is based on His unending love for everyone on earth. Oh, if we would just let Him rescue us, just as He rescues the lost sheep in His gospel parable. He longs to cultivate the hard soil of our hearts, and cause the seed of love to grow and flourish in the place of rock hard selfishness. He shines His light on us so we can see the truth about ourself, that we really do need saving, that even with all our trying, and pretending.

I'm thankful for that light. It draws me back to Him, helps me feel my need for His transformation, brought about by His Spirit. And then His light is all I can see. I loose sight of my self, and He becomes much more important that me. His Spirit causes fruit to grow, the good fruit of His good character. I die to self and let His light shine through me. My heart fills with joy. And others get to savor the precious light of Jesus too. And the light of His character is even more beautiful then when the sunrise shines through purple vases.

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La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful reflections on light and th gift of Jesus. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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Anonymous said...

My husband and I are so blessed by your blog/website. The photos are lovely and the spiritual content a blessing. I found you by googling my father's name "C. Leon Strickland." Someone commenting on your site had asked for information about him as they had one of his paintings. I am so glad we found you. We believe you are an SDA like us. Dad was a SDA pastor. God bless you.