Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow Birds

White Crown Sparrow in the Snow

Where do the little birds go when the snow comes? To our feeders of course. We have three feeders well stocked with black sunflower seeds for all the feathered friends who would care to dine.
Oregon Junco trying to stay warm

We have one feeder mounted right outside a window, near the front door. The little birds were scared of this one at first, and for good reason, because it is easier for the cats to get to, and further from sheltering bushes. But they can fly and the cats can't, so they soon learned it was a great place to get food. And we get to watch juncos, sparrows of several species, and finches enjoy a meal.
Our oldest feeder hangs out by our big maple trees, and is the favorite of the ground feeders. They crowd in there together and eat their fill, knocking down seed for those who don't care for sky view dining. They eat as quickly as they can until someone gives a warning, then all at once they take off flying.
As the cold lingers longer, more of the bigger birds, and shyer birds come in. I haven't caught them on photograph yet, but we have seen flickers, and morning doves now out eating with the little birds. A big hawk came and sat in the tree for a while, but thankfully he didn't stay long, or the little birds would have been in great danger. Some starlings came through, but I think there is still plenty to eat in apple orchards and valley vineyards, so they didn't remain to pester the little birds.

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Pamela said...

this year I have NO white crowned sparrows.

In years past I've always had bunches of them.

I wonder if losing the barberry hedge discouraged them -- or if it was the cat increase/

We've seem several hanging around

~*Mona*~ said...

You really have a gift of capturing some beautiful pictures!

Our snow is melting swiftly and causing quite the fog around here! It is suppose to cool down to "normal" range Monday night. Thanks for stopping by! ;o)