Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walk on a Winter Morn

This is the first morning it hasn't snowed since it started on Saturday. People up in the mountains have a couple feet of snow. We might have 5 inches. The kids have been playing and enjoying the snow enough for all of us. And I even found something good about the snow. I really love it's beauty. This morning it was about 1 degree just before the sun rose for a crisp and sparkling blue day. After morning worship I decided that I needed to get outside to enjoy the snow it the best light of the day. We bundled up in warm layers and set out to discover the delights of the season.

The cats had been out before us making tracks in the glittery whiteness. We followed the tracks through the garden, and then out to the road. Come enjoy with us some of what we saw along the way.

The Sumac tree is one of the most festive in the yard, each red clump of seeds dressed in a soft white coat.
Pine boughs nestled together in a snowy white quilt.

The neighbor's albino yard moose was the best looking I'd ever seen him. I can almost imagine him sticking his head in and searching for a mouthful of tastiness.
Grasses attired in winter white caplets seemed ready for a caroling throughout the neighborhood
Even though the temperatures bit at our scarf wrapped noses, everything seemed so fresh and alive. The air was so clean smelling and invigorating. We walked briskly from scene to scene and soon our blood was pumping warm. What a wonderful walk on a winter morn.

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Teresa said...

I'm enjoying hear about you all again! Enjoy the snow!

Hildegard said...

I'm also enjoying my winter walks! I take mine before the sun rises, and the snow adds a brightness I've missed when the sun comes up late.

God brings such blessings to mind as I wander:
*Though my sins are as scarlet, they shall be as whiter than snow.
*Jesus' hair is white like wool, as white as snow (see Revelation 1), and His robe is also white, which He offers me to wear.

Pamela said...

well we got more snow, huh?

i can't remember when we've had so much. 1977?

DebMc said...

Lovely photos!

DebMc aka Happy from WTM