Sunday, December 28, 2008

White Christmas Memories

Christmas is over, but the memories are so nice that I thought I'd blog about them so we can hold onto them for years later. This was a Christmas to remember with so much snow on the ground. No one came to visit us over the treacherous roads, and we didn't go anywhere. It was a fun day of family closeness, doing things we enjoy together.

The kids saw a friend's yet undecorated Christmas tree. Her kids had been playing with stuffed animals, and had set a couple in the branches. My son thought filling a whole Christmas tree with stuffed animals was the best idea ever. And as I thought about it, I thought it was pretty good too. The decorations were all unbreakable, and could be played with to their hearts content. It made a lovely tree.

The kids had permission to open their camel packs as soon as they got up, but they didn't want to do it without Mama, so waited until I was up. After breakfast we opened the bigger gifts together. There was a new game in one of the packages, so later on we all gave it a try together, deciding Blockus is a great game.

When lunch time came, we weren't hungry yet, so we went out for a walk in the sunshine. I'll show you the photos in my next post.

The next day there was clouds, some snow, and an ever great accumulation of icicles decorating our eves, but for us this Christmas is one that we will treasure for years to come.

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Teresa said...

Enjoyed all your snow pictures. Glad you had a nice Christmas.