Friday, September 21, 2007


This week has been going so fast. I haven't had time to stop and write about it. Since I wrote last, we have spend a weekend up at a church camp with my husband's co-workers. It was a time of refreshment in the lovely fall weather. There was heartfelt singing. Various faculty members shared the touching testimonies of God in their life during worship services. The afternoons were free for us to enjoy as we pleased. A friend and I sat out on the lawn and had a wonderful talk in the sunshine. My husband took the children over to the canoe dock. There were some little Kayaks there. Forest jumped in one and took off paddling as naturally as if he had done it all his life. My husband was a little worried, that I might not like him going off into the lake by himself, so he called me on the radio so I could come over and see what was going on. For some reason I wasn't worried though when I saw how he was handling his little boat. He had on a life jacket, and he can swim now. He was by the shore when I got there, and I called to him, expected him to want me to see what he was doing, but he didn't give me more then a glance, he was so absorbed in his new found skill. I am really proud of my big boy.On Sunday morning after breakfast and loading up the car, we took the kids back out to the lake for one more paddle. I had never kayaked before, but thought that if Forest could do it, so could I. So I squeezed myself into one of the little boats since I'm not that much bigger then some kids and gave it a try. Oh may, it was fun and not scary at all! I really enjoyed my time on the water. I did get all wet from the dripping paddle, so I think that next time I might wear some rain pants so I can stay dry. Emily Rose finally came out when she saw Mama having fun, but I think she still likes horseback riding better.

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VJ said...

Hmm, was this at a large lake in Potato country?

Ann said...

What fun! Looks like your family might have stumbled upon a new hobby.

Anonymous said...

I just got my computer up and running again. Looks like you even had lots of fun in the K. Summer has sliped past with out JR and I visiting you all!

Sister K