Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday - Alaska Quilt

I am so excited to show you the quilt I've been working on for three years! I started on it just after we made a six week trip to Alaska, so I call it my Alaska quilt. It is a wall quilt size, maybe around 3 by 4 feet. I got the original pattern and some of the fabrics at a garage sale. I chose a few other fabrics and put it all together, using some iron on stuff to hold on the appliqu├ęs. Then I blanket stitched around each applique. The part that took me so long was hand quilting the whole thing. I don't have much time at home to hand quilt. I've taken it with me all kinds of places. I sit and quilt while the kids are at swimming lessons or other kinds of places I have to wait for them. I've quilted on long car trips. It was really fun to finish the quilting and trim off the extra batting and backing. I can't believe I've really accomplished this much. Now all I have to do is cut some binding and stitch it on. And that won't take me too long, once I've chosen some fabric for it. Many family members have wanted it, but I think it is going to get a place of honor on my newly painted walls, where the color fits in perfectly.

You can see more of what people have done for Sew Crafty Friday at It's fun. Maybe next week you can show what you have been working on.

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Debbie Ann said...

I love rustic, wildlife, cabin-like things and it would be just the thing to hang on the wall of my little cabin I dream of living in one day.

You've done a wonderful job & I really like it. You are right to be proud of it.


Barb said...

This would go perfectly in my house too......hmmmm......could I sneak over and "borrow" it? Just kidding.

I love that you actually finished it, I seem to have several quilting projects laying around that just don't seem to ever be done.

Is it your own design?

Barb said...

I answered my own question by rereading your post is a wonderful quilt.


La Tea Dah said...

Oh my, simply absolutely and beautiful spectacular! Excellent job! It's a yummy quilt!

:) LaTeaDah

Karen said...

Beautiful!! How satisfying to have it nearly finished and ready to hang in your newly-painted home! It will always be a reminder of your eventful family vacation. Good thing no one talked you into giving it away. :)

Mona said...

Beautiful job! You really did wonderful with it, you also have alot of patience! I can only do machine sewing, regular would make me crazy! It will look beautiful up on your wall!

Thanks for sharing!

Shereen said...

Wow, I can't believe you hand quilted it. Well, of course I believe you, but wow, that is hard. Your hard work sure paid off. Great job. I think the blanket stitches look great on it, it makes it look rustic. ;0) Thanks for sharing.