Thursday, November 15, 2007

Leaves Sailing on the Wind

Monday we had high winds that rattled the windows, whistled down the stove pipe, and upset anything that could be moved. Winds like that do happen in our area every year. The rattling and noise can make me tense. But I get so excited when they happen at the right time.

Raking leaves can be fun, but I can't seem to keep up with our row of huge trees. Some years, it seems that just when there are more on the ground then I can keep up with, then a heavy rain comes making the leaves even more difficult. But some years are different, and this was one of them. Some years the rain doesn't come until after the wind comes and blows them all away. Really! There are hardly any left in the trees and not enough left on the lawn to worry about now. The ones that are left will turn into compost for the health of the soil. And I haven't raked once. Yippee! The wind did the job for me sailing those leaves far, far away.

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Teaching my own said...

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La Tea Dah said...

Wasn't that quite a wind storm? And SO MUCH dirt! Dear son was home briefly today and said we had much more dirt and dust than you did over your way. Count your blessings! We literally washed the house the next day --- pressure washing the walls, windows, and eves. All our leaves are gone now too --- except for the inconvenience such high winds cause in other areas --- they were great with the leaves!

Do you still have my blogging email address? Would you mind sending me a quick email to it? I am on a different computer and don't have yours here. . .no rush. I'd like to chat for a minute. Thanks!

:) LaTeaDah

Pamela said...

we got our cleaned up before the rain mostly, too.

Some still got in the pond - in spite of the net.