Thursday, November 22, 2007

Plant Based Thanksgiving meal

Happy Thanksgiving! We've had a lovely day. Friends invited us over for lunch and we enjoyed a lovely meal of nutritious plant based food (Gluten Free Vegan). There was no turkey in sight. Only the millet loaf, the pineapple sweet potatoes, and the apple pie were cooked. Everything was just delicious! Every one ate their fill, and no one felt heavy afterward.

Here was what was served.

-millet loaf
-festive loaf
-pineapple sweet potatoes
-gingered cabbage
-romaine and veggie salad
-cranberry orange relish
-apple pie

I made the romaine salad, the cranberry orange relish and the festive loaf. I got the recipe for the festive loaf from an raw food holiday ebook at Nonie Shannon's website.

The Cranberry Orange Relish is my own recipe, adapted from what I used to make that had orange jello in it.

Cranberry Orange Relish

1 bag of raw cranberries
1 - 2 raw oranges, peeled, cut in chunks
1/2 cup ground almonds or walnuts
1/4 cup honey

Pick through the cranberries and throw away any that aren't good.

Place cranberries and orange in the food processor. Pulse until desired relish consistency. Be careful to not to process too smooth. Pour into a serving bowl and mix in nuts and honey. Serve.

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La Tea Dah said...

Yummy! Sounds so delicious! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Our first Thanksgiving dinner (yesterday) was tasty and delicious (with DH's side of the family) and tomorrow my dad will be here for 'another one'. Such a wonderful time with those we love.