Friday, November 16, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday - Party aprons, fleece shirt

I have been sewing this week. There is another birthday party coming up in our family, and it is going to be an old fashioned tea party. I've never made so many things for birthday's before. Usually I shop at a d*llar store and just buy part favors. This is taking more work, but I think it is going to be more meaningful to the children that come.
With their invitations, each girl will receive a homemade eyelet apron, to help them anticipate the party. They are instructed to wear their nicest dress, and bring their favorite doll or teddy bear, along with their mother. We will play parlor games and make old fashioned crafts. And of course we are going to have healthy treats and tea.

I've finished 4 aprons and have 3 more that just needs a waist band and ties.

One of my frustrations as a mother is finding shirts appropriate for a wholesome boy. Most of those available in the stores are either very plain or covered with evil, violence, fiction, or sports. Forest loves animals, and I would love to have animal shirts for him to wear, but they are hard to find. So I have started trying to do what I can to make shirts for him. I am thankful that one can still find nice fabric with natural themes.

Last year I made Forest three fleece sweat shirts and matching solid pants. Two had tropical fish, and one had puppies. They have been his favorite clothing all year. He has grown and needs some new ones now, but my pattern didn't go any bigger. I had to search for a new pattern, which was difficult, because all the fleece patterns have zippers in them. If there is a zipper, he thinks it is a jacket, and doesn't wear it as much. I finally found a pattern that would work though. It has the required hood. It didn't have a big front pocket though, so I made one from my old pattern, just a little bigger.
The new pattern has contrasting short and long sleeves. I wasn't sure how that would work, but it was easy to just not make the short sleeves. I have fabric for tan pants. And more fleece for a couple more sets. He is going to have a warm and happy winter.

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Emily said...

Oh I love the apron. It is so delightful.

Mom2fur said...

The apron is very pretty. But that shirt...awesome!
I'm also wondering why there aren't shirts with animals on them for kids? It seems like a no-brainer to me. Since you seem like an excellent seamstress, maybe you could start making some of your own appliques. I bet you could use pictures from coloring books for patterns. How cute would that be?

Daughter of the King said...

oh,,,I just love the Apron...Eyelet is so girlie and never goes out of style..not that it matters...great job doing shirts.