Sunday, January 6, 2008

News brief: 2.5 Days Without Electricity

News Brief: We've finally got our electricity, water, heat, showers, and internet service back. Two and a half days ago a huge wind (mini huricane?) came to our door, huffed and puffed, and blew a lot of things down or away, far, far away. We are ok, and very thankful. Things could have turned out differently.

More news and pictures to follow, when I can get caught up. Homeschool needs to start again tomorrow after our holiday break. Meanwhile you can look at a friends blog to see a bit more of what has been going on in our valley.

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

We were without too....not quite as long as you were but long enough to feel it.

It is still very cold but the wind, snow, and rain have stopped for now.

Glad you are back online.

La Tea Dah said...

What a storm! Yet it was calm and peaceful over here, not all that far away. DH was in your town during the midst of the storm. It seems DS slept right through it! Grandpa is in Arizona --- so we are taking care of the broken branches and extensive roof damage at his house. The storm sure hit with a vengence!

La Tea Dah said...
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Anonymous said...

Glad that you all are safe. What a supprise! Thank you for keeping Mom in the know with what was happening.

Sister K

VJ said...

I saw the pictures at the blog you linked to; oh my!! That looked like it had some major teeth in it.

Glad you all are safe!