Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Table

Since there is nothing blooming outside in our 10 degree sunshine, we have set up a winter table. It is a first time experience for us, but one we will surely do again. Our bouquet is made of lovely dried things we found on our Saturday afternoon walk. The main structure is one variety of tumbleweed from the mustard family that has no pokies like the Russian thistle tumbleweeds. Then we added some grasses, Queen Anne's Lace and teasel. Not shown is a wooden bowl of pebbles I later added that I collected at the beach last March.

If you make a winter table, feel free to blog about it and add it to Mister Linky.

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Ann said...

I'm saving this idea for when the little baby fingers at my house are not so curious. What a nice way to bring the seasons indoors.