Monday, January 21, 2008

Western Trillium

Ever since I was a child one of my favorite flowers has been a Western Trillium ( Trillium ovatum). They grew near my house and I was always eager to find the first one in spring. They weren't the first flowers of spring, Spring Beauty or Indian Plum might have been the winner there, but they were among the earliest flowers. They start out white, and then turn pink as they age. As a member of the lily family, they come in parts of three, even having only three leaves. Every one is sad when they learn that the flower won't bloom next year if you pick it, because most everyone picks the lovely leaves too. The plant needs those leaves to make energy store up so it can flower next year. I don't know how many years it will be until it blooms again, but it is a long time. There are rumors out there which make guesses which may or may not be right. Needless to say, I have restrained my impulses to hold one in my hand, and now limit myself to taking photographs. Do any of the varieties of Trillium grow in your area?

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mjd said...

Your trillium is lovely. The Prairie Trillium, the Red Trillium, and the White or Large-flowered Trillium grow in our local woods and parks.

Pamela said...

We had little white trilliums in our forest where I grew up on the west side. Mom told us NEVER to pick them.

I knew the Indian Paintbrush and coreopsis (on my post) but I didn't know the others. I'd planned to identify them, but never got to it. Thanks.

Theresa said...

We had a white trillium in the corner of our garden. The previous owner of our house must have dug it up and planted it there. This is a beautiful flower. Your pictures are making me homesick for Washington! :o)