Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Teaching English

I am in my second week of teaching English to some Korean college students who have come to America for a three week program to improve their English. This is a very intensive program of 3 hours of classes every morning and then cultural and social experiences every afternoon and evening. I really am enjoying the students. They are wonderful young people who are very eager to learn. It makes my teaching part very easy and fun for me, since the goal of the classes is to improve conversational skills. I have 5 advanced level students in my class. The hard part of this job is keeping up with the fast pace of the other activities. I don't have to be at everything, but there are many things I do have to attend and/or supervise.

Yesterday afternoon and evening we were at the river for water activities and a picnic. Tomorrow afternoon we take them to a nearby town for a factory tour and a tour of the city's wild past. Then in the evening we go to a musical play. On the weekend we will take them to a lake for canoing and then the next day to a small town rodeo. They are getting such a rich experience, I know they will never forget even our small town American experience. I just hope I have the strength to keep up with them.

My husband is doing a wonderful job with our kids. Since he doesn't teach in the summer he can be with them. He is even doing a good job of cleaning up after meals. He makes sure the floor is vacuumed before I get home so I don't have to come home to a messy house. I didn't expect him to do this for me, but he is, and I am so happy.

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Pamela said...

I drove thru C. Avenue and saw a bunch of kids walking -- and I wondered where they were from.

VJ said...

How is Sir Henry doing after his stay in the hospital? From what it sounds like, he is doing very well. I can guess some of the places you're taking the kids to, including the play outdoors, correct?

La Tea Dah said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time teaching! All the fun activities and intense learning --- so rewarding! Your students are fortunate to have such an enthusiastic teacher!

The daughter-in-law of one of my dearest friends is Korean-American. At her wedding to their son, a large number of relatives came from Korea. At the groom's dinner we had to serve two kinds of cake --- chocolate for the Americans --- and strawberry shortcake for the Koreans. Christy says that Koreans don't like or eat chocolate. My mind has a hard time wrapping around that. If it works into your conversations, find out more on this all-important (wink) subject!

Enjoy a great week! I'm glad you are having an enjoyable time.

:) LaTeaDah

Debbie said...

This is a class that I would like to join... can I attend? lol It sounds really fun. Active learning is the best!

What a treasure of a husband you have! He's being romantic and I bet he doesn't even realize it. :))

melanie west said...

Rockin Girl Blogger Award goes to YOU!

Check out my blog WHY! Ohhh.. and I would love to be in your class! I need some polishing on my Filipino-English =)

La Tea Dah said...

Elizabeth Joy, please visit Gracious Hospitality when you have time. You have been awarded The Reflective Blogger Award!

Thank you for blessing my life!


Anonymous said...

I'm min-su.
I'm enjoying watching your blog.
I'm doing well in Korea I miss thay days.
I want to see the pictures that you took when I was there.
Please tell me how to search^^;
I forgot how to reach.
How was your camping after we left?
Please send me an E-mail to