Monday, July 30, 2007

Moon Rise Welcome

As we drove home last night, finished with all the hectic activity of the last four weeks, the sun was setting in the rear view mirror, fires were burning by the Columbia River, and the moon was rising on the hills in front of us to welcome us home. It was very hard to catch the beauty of the moment. I struggled to hold the camera still enough in the low light. We could clearly see the "man on the moon", but the camera didn't show that detail for you to see.

It is good to be home. There are piles of things to be done, but it all seems much easier now that I'm not teaching outside the home too. I am looking forward to blogging again. I hope I haven't lost my dear readers in my absence.

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carrielouise said...

nope, still here thanks to bloglines letting me know when you have a new post! Welcome back!

La Tea Dah said...

The moon is so beautiful these nights, isn't it. We enjoyed it as we came home from the cabin the other night.

Today I drove along the river --- and observed all the remnants of fire damage on the other side. It went a long ways --- I followed it for miles.

Glad to have you back to bloggin!

VJ said...

I guess you're talking more than just fields burning. What's going on?

Oh, BTW, the moon pictures is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Glad your back hope to hear from you when you have time to call your sister.


Pamela said...

the moon was fantabulous -- I took some shaky pictures too.

we should compare and paint.

Debbie said...

You haven't lost me. In fact, I've been away for a bit too. Trying to keep up w/all my summer responsibilities and chores.

Welcome back!