Monday, July 2, 2007

Tongue Point Tide Pools

The next morning we went down to the tide pools at Tongue Point, a short walk from our campsite. It was an extra low tide, so lots of interesting things were exposed. Emily Rose and Sir Henry, walked around examining things a little while, and then they found a place on the shore to read books.
Forest couldn't stop himself from exploring and found some wonderful things to enjoy.
He has learned from our previous tide pool experiences that there are lots of little things that like to hide in the eel grass. Hermit crabs are there, and other little things that scuttle and scurry.
Sea Urchins were abundant, but they needed to be careful, because there were hungery preditors, sea stars lurking nearby. When you touch a sea urchin, the spines bend toward your finger and kind of hug it. It doesn't hurt, even though they look very pokey.There was this large pink sea star and this tiny red blood star. The blood star facinated me. It was only a little bigger then a quarter. It almost looked ceramic, but it was real, and slowly moved it's appendages.
There were quite a few large green anemones, but the pretty, pink aggregating anemones were also there. The grow oval and narrow, and then divide in two.

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carrielouise said...

I really love those pictures of the starfish and other sea creatures. They look so "unreal" to this Kansas girl. I'm sure they were fascinating close up.

Debbie said...

Wow-- You sure get to visit and see a lot of beautiful places. What a blessing!

Barb said...

Gorgeous tidal pool all those colorful creatures. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. We just got back from Redwood National Park and I was thinking of you on one of the hikes, wishing you were with me to photograph all the great boys just don't understand. :)

Thanks for sharing.