Saturday, June 30, 2007

Salt Creek Campground

We chose to camp next at Salt Creek Campground, a county park, 20 minutes west of Port Angles, WA. The campground has a playground for the kids, and showers for the Mama. To see the view above I just had to walk across a grassy area and look out on the water.

The campground is situated on a rise just above Tongue point which features some fantastic tide pools. Above the camp are some old WWII batteries, where they had some big guns facing out at the Strait of Juan De Fuca, just incase the Japanese wanted to move inland. Across the water is Victoria, British Columbia.

We were able to get my favorite kind of camp site, nestled back in the trees where you feel not quite as close to your neighbors as in other sites. As soon as we were set up, Emily Rose did a fantastic job of helping me fix some supper. We had pinto beans, salsa and salad. And we roasted some ears of corn in fire. They came out charred black, but once we pulled off the covering of the corn, the part that wasn't too burned to eat was just perfect. You can see them cooling on the ground near the base of the tree in the picture below.

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