Sunday, June 3, 2007

Burgundy Hound's Tongue

Burgundy Hound's Tongue
Cynoglossum officinale

A new flower I've learned this spring is called Burgundy Hound's Tongue Cynoglossum officinale. I'm guessing the reason I've missed it is because it doesn't grow West of the Cascades, where I grew up and first started learning wildflowers. Its scientific name of Cynoglossum is derived from the Greek, meaning ' Dog's Tongue, which the leaves resemble in shape and possibly texture. Some people consider it to be a noxious weed, because the seeds are the type that like to catch rides on animals or people and it can cause some liver problems in animals. But even so, it is still a lovely wildflower to me.

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Barb said...

Really awesome flower! I have never seen this one before.

Thanks for sharing,