Saturday, June 9, 2007

God Working in My Son

Even when I think nothing is happening, because I can't see it, God is working in the hearts of my children. This morning I cried and prayed because I felt that we were failing our children and God because family worship has become so irregular in my family. I talked with my husband about it. I talked with a friend about it, and she prayed too. Then this evening my son had to wait for me while I tucked my daughter into bed and prayed with her. When I came to his room this is what I saw. I was so touched and happy that I had to run and get the camera so I can always remember it. I've never seen this before. At age 7, my son was sitting on his bed with his Bible open to Genesis 1:1, and he was trying to read what was there.

He can read some Dick and Jane. He is in the second first grade Pathway's reader. The New King James Version isn't exactly the easy reader version, but he was so serious and excited about what he was doing that the difficult words such as "firmament" didn't slow him down one bit, once he figured them out. He told me that he wanted to read all the way to the bottom of the page, which happened to be verse 11. It took him quite a while, but I put away my ideas of getting some sewing done and sat there and listened to every word.

When he was done he was so happy. He told me what he had read about and then asked, "Mom, do I have to read only when you are with me?"

"Of course not, Forest, of course not. You can read the Bible anytime you wish, even when I am not with you."

"Could I read the whole Bible all the way through?"

"Yes, but it might take you a while."

"Could I read it through in three years?"

"Yes, and you might be done even sooner because the more you read the faster you will be able to read. Some people read the Bible through in one year, and some take even less time."

Thank you, Lord, for putting a desire for your Word in my child. Thank you that He owns a Bible in his own language, and that he has the ability now to read it for himself. May he also grow as Jesus did, "in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man."

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Pamela said...

run, forrest, run

(a quote from forrest gump... thought it was appropriate~)

Ann said...

What a beautiful post! I so understand your joy, and I feel encouraged.

Patricia said...

How precious!!!

You have a beautiful blog that I hope to visit often, Elizabeth Joy.

Thank you for visiting my nature journal. I do hope you will come again!


Melia said...

OK, that brought tears to my eyes. How totally sweet! I often have the same concerns that you mentioned. But just this morning I started reading from our children's Bible at breakfast (something I do whenever I think about it, but I want it to become a daily habit) and Owen asked for the story about David and Goliath. After I finished that, he wanted to read about Abraham. It's so encouraging when you see your children wanting to read the Bible and learn about God.

Lisa said...

What a heart warming post. Thank you for the encoragement. :o)

Way to go Forrest!