Sunday, June 3, 2007

Beautiful Blue Butterflies

At the trail head where were hiked on Memorial Day weekend, there was a large wet spot in the parking lot where the little Blue butterflies gathered. Little Blue butterflies were Sir Henry's father's favorites. Besides being a biology professor, he was a entomologist, a guy who studies insects. If he was only here now to see his namesake calling out to little Blues to come and sit on his finger. Forest was so drawn to them and they were paying no attention to him at all. All they wanted to is the moisture and maybe salts from the wet spot.
But his patience paid off and one "accepted" him. He was thrilled. Everyone got to see it. And Forest had a new pet for about one minute, until the Blue flew back to the puddle to join his friends.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of when we went to the Zoo in Portland and got to go to the butterflie exhibit we had so much fun.

Barb said...

I saw these the last hike we were on!! They are fun to watch and it is interesting that when they stop flying, you can't see they are blue. Tricky little things.