Friday, June 8, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday - Costume

My blogger friend, Shereen, started Sew Crafty Friday a while back. You can go to her blog and see what she made this week, see what others have made, and add a link to what you have made. While I've thought it was a great idea, I haven't had something to show on a Friday so far, until today. Last week I finished a quilt for a new niece, but sent it away before I remembered to take a photo. This week I finished my Bibleland's costume to wear at our church's VBS which will start this coming Sunday. It is going to be a living history type program called Bethleham Village. All the leaders and adult helpers will be in costume and the kids can be if they wish to. I have a costume for my husband that I need to sew before Sunday evening. But it should take less time, because I have the process down, even though his is much bigger then mine. I probably won't get to it before Sunday more, so it had better take less time, or it won't be ready to wear on time.

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Lisa said...

That turned out beautifully!! I wish you lived handy, I could really use some help with costumes. Our church has a big box of patterns and material just waiting for someone who can sew. :o)