Thursday, July 5, 2007

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty
(Claytonia lanceolata)

At low elevations this plant grows lush and thick. At alpine levels the plans are smaller, have fewer, smaller flowers and smaller leaves. They like to grow with the glacier lilies. The corms are supposed to taste like potatoes when cooked. The native peoples would gather the corms after flowering. They would ensure a continued crop by replanting the smaller corms so there would be a crop the next year. The leaves have vitamin C and A.

3 bouquets of wildflowers (Comment here):

Pamela said...

all of these are lovely flowers.
will you be painting any of them?

melanie west said...

as always, i really enjoyed your photos! you should show it in flickr , it will probably make it in explore. i love photography too but i am not as good as you are. thank you for sharing them, your photos makes me want to come and see that place.

VJ said...

I love that hymn you have posted in your sidebar. I have always enjoyed singing it and the mental images the words conjure up in my brain.

Oh the memories! Tony is at camp this week. Do you remember Mike Edge? He was a Camp Pastor for a couple years. I don't know if you remember him or not. Anyway, Jess Nephew trained Mike in the ways of camp directing and now Pastor Mike is the camp director at a camp in a nearby state.