Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Death Valley Sand Dunes - Stovepipe Wells

Shortly after sunrise, we shook Daddy out of his sleeping bag, and persuaded him to go to the sand dunes with us while it was still early, and the sand was still cool. We took a picnic breakfast with us, and some water and started off toward the dunes. They aren't far from the Stovepipe Wells Campground.
The early morning sun made gave a lovely warmth to the sand, and contrasting shadows.
While I had my eyes on the surrounding beauties, I knew the kids had their eyes on the the sand. They were on some sand dunes once before and knew the fun of jumping. They were eager to get started.
As soon as we got to a little dune they ran ahead and started leaping.
But surely there were even bigger dunes to try.

Soon there were repeated cries of "Watch me, Mom!"
And of course there were screams of delight as they came flying off the edge.

And some of the landings were very exciting!It was very good we went early, because not long after we finished eating breakfast, the wind started to blow, and a sand storm enveloped the dunes.

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Hildegard said...

How I love the sand dunes! I would have been jumping right along with Emily Rose and Forest.

How long did it take to vacuum out your car when you got home? :)

La Tea Dah said...

So fun! We had good memories of camping there --- except for DH who had the flu and stayed in bed in our tent for days while the rest of us explored. The dog kept him good company, though. :( Did you find the old wells that Stovepipe Wells was named for? I love the 'flying' pictures of the kids on the dunes.


Theresa said...

The sand dunes are beautiful in their own way. (Desert is not my chosen habitat!) I see bare feet (which would feel yummmy!)but didn't they have scorpions and snakes and tarantulas? My hubby grew up in Arizona and he told me that they were barefoot but had to be careful especially for the scorpions in the sand.

Pamela said...

did you get sand in your picnic breakfast?
And, how about the sand that accumulated in the kids clothes.
ha ha - I'm itching just thinking about it.

Are you going to paint that dune picture. You captured beauty.