Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sunrise on Death Valley

At the end of the first day I got to see the sun set and then the full moon rise. We were camping at Stovepipe Wells. A large parking lot style campground, with a back row reserved for tents. Around the campground there are wide open spaces and big views surrounded by barren hills.

I woke up before the sun. When I got up the first thing I saw was the setting full moon in the west. After that was down, I turned my eyes to the east, and saw the colors that proceed the sun start to glow.

There was an orange glow.
Followed by a golden yellow glow.The western hills started to glow a rosy pink.
Then back to the east the sun peaked out from a little notch in the hills. It was the beginning of a beautiful day. The weather was perfect. The night cooled to 50 to 60 degrees, and the day warmed to the low 80's. The warmth felt perfect to me, not even close to the scorching heat of summer. I soaked it in and enjoyed every minute of it, though the kids felt a little wilted sometimes. I am pretty sure I wouldn't like it there in July, but March felt just fine to me.

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What a Beautiful sequence of sky photos!! It had to be breathtaking!

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