Friday, April 25, 2008

Thistles for Our Ladies

After consulting our favorite Jr. High science teacher, we went out in search of thistles for our Painted Ladies. They are more likely to lay eggs if there is some food for the baby caterpillars when they hatch. We dug up some small plants and put them in four empty pots.
The butterflies got excited when we put the thistles in the aquarium. They crawled over them eagerly, as if testing their quality territory.

We discovered that the butterflies didn't mind being held. Oh my! That sure was fun! If they flew away, they went straight to the window, so it was easy to get them to crawl back on our hands. I love having butterfly pets!

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Mom2fur said...

Butterflies for pets, what an awesome idea! The picture of your little girl with the butterfly is so sweet.
Thanks for the nice comment on the little bucket I made!

Dianne said...

Thank you for visiting my site, Elizabeth Joy. I love it when new people visit. I didn't know if you would come back for my comment so I came here to check you out.

I simple LOVE your header. It is absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed reading about your butterfly experiences.

Your daughter looks so pleased to be holding the butterfly and I love her red hair. I am especially fond of people with red hair.

I will definately be back!



Pamela said...

There was a painted lady on my back porch this week. She was new -- sunning herself

Lisa said...

The butterflies are almost as pretty as the little girl in braids. ;)

Theresa said...

Wow how neat! WE got a butterfly kit at Toys That Teach and I forgot to send for the butterfly. I'll have to see if it is too late now. My kids love butterflies.

Doc Op said...

Dear Elizabeth Joy

I have enjoyed dropping by your site on several occasions, and have throw a link to yours on mine (Hope you don't mind.) I think I found yours in an area of shared interest. Anyway, I just want to say how delightful it is to join you and your family from afar, and see how wonder, joy, and discovery permeate your home environment.

Your blog blesses me.


Hildegard said...

I would love to meet your new pets sometime. They seem like such charming individuals!

Ann said...

Beautiful pictures!