Monday, April 28, 2008

Painted Lady Eggs

I'm so excited to show you how pretty a Painted Lady egg can be. Click on the photo to see it enlarged. Aren't they a pretty blue? See the fine lines on the side. Wouldn't they make pretty beads? In real life they are just larger then the hole a pin would make if it were poked in a paper. Really tiny! The macro lens my husband bought me is really helping with our science project.

We have learned that it takes 5 - 10 days for the caterpillar to emerge from the egg. Just before it hatches it changes to a dark color. We are estimating that we should have baby caterpillars sometime between Thursday and Tuesday.

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Pamela said...

I hope you get pictures of them hatching. wow.

Hildegard said...

Our Creator has done great things for us, whereof I am glad!

Thank you for sharing the photos with us.