Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ordering Caterpillars

A couple people have asked me where we got our caterpillars from. I can tell you, but I know they are not the only supplier of caterpillars. We chose Painted Ladies, because they live around here and I knew they could get their favorite foods. Monarchs and Swallowtails are available also from some companies, but their life cycle isn't as quick.

We ordered a kit of 5 - 8 caterpillars with food and a growing cup from Butterflies and Blueberries. We didn't order a net cage, as we had an aquarium that we could keep them in once they hatched. But I just read another web page with directions on make a butterfly house out of a cardboard box. It also has more information about raising butterflies.

Another reputable place I know you can get caterpillars is Carolina Biological Supply. It is where teachers order science supplies for their classrooms.

We really have enjoyed our butterfly experience and I highly recommend it to any family. It is a great way to learn about life, with a minimal expense.

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