Thursday, August 9, 2007

Perfect Peaches

Back on March 30, 2007 I posted a picture of our peach tree. You can see it here at my former blog site. I was concerned that a frost that night might keep us from an abundant harvest. Well, instead of a decreased harvest, we have had our best harvest ever! The Red Haven Peaches are sweet and wonderful, straight off the tree, with no pesticides sprayed on them! I don't think there are any better peaches around. I'm really thankful for our little tree and look forward to when we have enough trees producing to freeze our own peaches too.

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Shereen said...

Those peaches look great. Thanks for sharing. I wish I was there to share a peach or two. lol ;0)

Jammy said...

Wonderful! I hope you enjoy those lucious looking peaches for me. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I will be right over to bite in to that big jucie peach.