Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cormorant Condo

Near Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands, WA

These lovely red condos come with a fresh sea breeze and a view worth living for. They come with the music of the wind and waves and the call of sea birds flying by. The current flowing by moves an apparatus underneath which makes some chimes ring to warn fog bound ships of the condo's location. There are eight units available, each with private access and landing pad. The demand is high, so send in your application right away so that you can fly on in the next time there is a unit available.

2 bouquets of wildflowers (Comment here):

Pamela said...

I prefer the top floor.... same chimes... less uh... toot.

VJ said...

You've got some great pictures there. I'm sorry I haven't been by; with my parents here the speed of life seems to quadruple.

I'm glad you have such an abudant garden. We tried gardening a couple years ago, but our plants were destroyed by rabbits and grubs. We haven't tried it again because there are still rabbits and grubs out there.