Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Good Vantage Point

This beautiful bird came and landed on my husband's amateur radio tower last week. I think it is an osprey. (Tell me if I'm wrong.) I've never seen one here before. He must have been on his way to somewhere and found the tower to be a good vantage point. There are no fish to catch here, but there are lots of mice and other rodents.

Looking at these pictures, I think my husband must have climbed the tower a ways to get such good photos of this fine bird in the evening light. It is a long ways up there. Do you see the bird on the lowest vertical beam of the antenna?

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La Tea Dah said...

Totally amazing! I'll share your link with my dad --- he would enjoy these pictures as well.

I had the opportunity to observe (through a telescope) a pair of osprey on San Juan Island last week. They were nesting and oh, so magnificient!

We have osprey nests and pairs at our local wildlife refuge as well, but I haven't been to see what's going on recently.

Enjoy a lovely day!

Pamela said...

I'M going to say Swainsons Hawk
just by the coloring

I couldn't enlarge your photo enough.

I saw an Osprey out on Detour Road a few weeks ago

more white/grey

Mrs. Darling said...

Elizabeth thanks for visiting my blog. It's really terrible to admit but I have no idea where I got that pic. When I see beautiful pics on the internet I upload them to my photo album to use in my blog and I dont keep track of where they come from. So many people ask about them that I really should start keeping a file on them.

I see we're both from the Northwest. I wonder if we're anywhere close. I'm in Oregon and I'm gathering you might just be in Washington. Well we're still neighbors! :)

Donetta said...

My Audubon Field guide seams to indicate a Ferruginous Hawk. although he does look a lot lie a Swainsons the wing markings do not continue to the body as a Swainsons does. Great pic. Look him up on line see what you think

Barb said...

Great photos, not sure what he is but just wanted to say that they are gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom