Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Bigger Better Bike Seat

We went for a family bike ride yesterday afternoon, the first one for a long time, and the best one ever. The good news is that both kids are able to handle their bikes well now, and even Forest is more aware of safety. He's on a big enough bike now that he can keep up. My daughter is on my mom's bike now. Mom gave it to her for her birthday last year. She was thrilled to have a "grown up" bike. My husband purchased my bike for me just after we were married. But sadly, because of pregnancies and small children through the last few years, it has been ridden more by visiting friends then by me. Part of the problem is the seat on the bicycle. It is a gel seat, and supposed to be comfortable, but the part of my body that contacts the seat disagrees.

While we were out riding, I was starting to dream of owning one of those seats made just for women with cut outs right where they should be. I didn't know that my daughter would be the solution to the problem. While we were waiting for my husband to run into his office at one of our stops, I noticed the seat on Emily Roses' bike, the bike that had belonged to my mom. It was one of those seats that are wider in the back, and designed with the female anatomy in mind. I got very excited, though I tried not to show it. I asked Emily if I could ride her bike for a minute. (She is only 2 1/2 inches shorter then I am now.) With the needed permission, I took off around the parking lot. It was almost a miracle. Who would have known that all I needed was a new seat to make me like bike riding better? I had been told several times that you just need to break in your bike seat, like shoes and then it would be more comfortable. And the reason I didn't like my seat was because I hadn't ridden enough. After 11 years of owning my nice Trek bike with the gel seat, I just didn't agree.

I thought I might be able to convince my daughter to trade seats with me, when she offered to trade bikes with me. I couldn't believe it was going to be so easy. I rode the rest of the way on her/my bike and loved it. I sit closer to straight up on it and am so much more comfortable. I'm not a racer. I just need to get there comfortably.

And she loves my/her bike. She thinks purple is a better color. And her friend has the same brand so they will "match". What a great trade! I'd say that it is one of the best benefits of having a growing bigger daughter. I'm looking forward to many more family bike rides to come. And who knows, maybe we could start using the car less?

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Rodrigo said...
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VJ said...

I would like to see the pictures of yours and ER's bikes. Each riding member of our family has a bike, and I'd like to see the seat that makes you feel better about riding.