Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The New Look

Sorry it has taken me so long to get pictures of my newly painted walls up for you to see. I am really happy with it for the most part. There is one section that I may change to the lightest color. And I still have all the trim by the front door to paint, including a stair railing. Then I should paint down the stairs and in the downstairs hall. But that might have to wait until the weather gets a little colder. Right now there are so many things to do that are desperately needing my attention. The before picture for the wall is here.

After I painted my walls and got things back together, my friend called me to come get peaches from her trees. She worked with me and by yesterday afternoon there were 98 new quart bags of tree ripened peaches in my freezer. I am so happy because that means we can have peaches at least twice a week in our smoothies. And they will be sweet and worth eating, since they were picked ripe.

In this picture you can see the brown wall, one of the peach walls, and a touch of the purple in the kitchen. The shades on the windows are a gray and beige mixture. So I would like to make some new valences to hide them just a bit. They are in good condition, and I just can't justify buying new ones. It would be too expensive, because I would need them for three large windows and two sliding patio doors.

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Melia said...

That color looks so nice with your new sofas. It really warms up the space. I can't believe you can get all that painting and gardening and freezing done. I seem to just barely manage the dishes and laundry. I suppose when my kids are the ages of yours it will be easier to do these bigger projects around the house. I sure got a long list of them to do.

Anonymous said...

Warm and very lovely! You have a good eye for what fits in a room.


Barb said...

Simply lovely. You did an excellent job.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Debbie said...

The walls in your family room look great and it makes the room look so inviting. Come winter time, I would love to sit next to that wood stove w/a cup of hot carob, and a good book.

I envy you w/all those peaches. Peaches are an absolute favorite of mine, but I never seem to be able to get any in season, for one reason or another. Oh yes, the grocery stores carry them, but I've given up buying them from the grocery. They're never any good!
My mouth is watering just imagining all those yummy, Yummy, YUMMY peaches. You lucky girl!!!

Elizabeth Joy said...

I would give up buying peaches too, if all I had were the ones in the grocery store. They aren't worth eating.

Kay said...

I think it is wonderful!