Friday, August 3, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday - Baby Quilt

Today is Sew Crafty Friday, started my my friend Shereen. You can go to her blog and see what others are making and post a link to your Sew Crafty Creation.

What I have to share today I made back in April for my new baby niece. I was so excited when I finished it, I quickly packed it in a box and mailed it off, forgetting to photograph it. My dear sister just sent me a photo of the quilt so you can all see it now. I made the quilt to look good in a Pooh Bear themed room, without having a single Pooh Bear on it. It is an extra large crib sized quilt.

Also in the quilting room is an Alaska themed wall quilt that I am almost done quilting. I hope to have it finished and the binding on very soon.

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Mrs.T said...

Oh, this is just beautiful! What a nice idea to make this for a Pooh-themed room and yet not actually have a Pooh bear on it. Very cleverly planned. How nice that your sister would send on a photo.

I often find myself giving a handcrafted item away before remembering to take a picture, so I understand!

Thanks for sharing!

VJ said...

I love to quilt, too. I didn't do a lot of it when I was in the dorm in college, but once I went "village" I somehow had more time to work on it. Perhaps who I lived with had a lot to do with it... I lived with LaTeaDah's mom.

Barb said...

Great job on the quilt. One of my favorite things to sew is a baby quilt for someone I am going to love getting to know. :)

Thanks for sharing,

Donetta said...

Very cute! the color theme is so vibrant very sweet gift for a life time. You know that the child will one day know that her Aunt loves her THIS MUCH.

Shereen said...

I didn't get a chance to comment before, but this came out so cute. I really like the colors. The orange makes the quilt pop nicely. I'm glad they were able to send you a picture afterwards.