Monday, October 29, 2007

A Box of Free Books

Wow! And Thanks! Was all I could say.

I didn't know yesterday was going to be such a good garage sale day! I was actually on my way to a second hand store when I saw a garage sale sign. We stopped and found some nice goodies, like Christmas decoration kits, and alunch bag full of rick rack for $2. But the most amazing deal was in the bedroom. One wall was lined with boxes of books, and the sign above them said they were free. I didn't see the sign until I had a mostly full box. I would have been willing to pay for them, but instead I took them home for free. They feel like a real blessing! The books to the right of the box were found at a couple other garage sales for regular garage sale prices. All together they are a great addition to our library. I am so thrilled to have good books at home for our children to read whenever they need to sit down with a good book.

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VJ said...

It looks like you got those books from garage salers of the same church as you and I.

It wasn't until Angelo and I started sorting through books and boxing them up to put our house on the market did I realize how many books we had; boxes and boxes of them! College textbooks,computer reference books, education resource books, religious books and good ol' story books, It was the religious books and the story books I missed the most. I told Angelo I will never be that seperated from my books like that again (they were in the back of the storage unit for a year!).

Pamela said...

ohhh like your new look.
I recognize some of those books.