Friday, October 12, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday-Slipper Socks and Dress

It is already Sew Crafty Friday. Since I haven't been on my computer as much this week, I have got some more things done. Though I have to say that the list of blogs I read in bloglines is addicting, I am pulling myself away more often.

Yesterday afternoon I made three pair of slipper booties. The pattern came from The Green Pepper Inc. I found it at the local J*Anns store. It is pattern number F837.
As you can see, it has sizes for tiny children up to Men's size 13 all in one envelope! I found the directions very clear and easy to follow. In about 1 1/2 hours I had opened the envelope, figured out what I was doing, then cut and sewed three pair of slipper socks. And now that I know what I am doing, I think I could make quite a few more really fast. There are only three pieces and four sewing steps. I would recommend this pattern to even a beginner. I had never made anything from this company before, but look forward to trying other patterns in the future.

In other sewing this week I finished a prairie type dress for my daughter. If you haven't read about it yet you can see pictures here, information about the pattern and a story of answered prayer here. And on this page you can read that I was able to make the needed adjustments so that it fit her nicely now.

Thanks to Shereen at Waiting for Him for hosting Sew Crafty Friday. If you have done something creative this week, put a link on her blog so we can go see.

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Anonymous said...

How cute!! They look so warm!

my first sew crafy friday is up

Mom2fur said...

Those are awesome! I might just have to find that pattern for myself. I love cushy socky things!

Debbie J. said...

Those are really great! They would make good gifts too! Today is my first Sew crafty friday too!

Anonymous said...

I just saw this old comment from you. Did you ever have a chance to write about what you've learned about teaching children to paint? If so, where?
Phyllis in Russia

Shereen said...

Those slipper socks are too cute. I am going to look into those for us. I have so much that I want to write for so many of your posts, but I don't have the time right now. You daughter looks so very beautiful in the dress. I wish I had younger daughters for it to fit. I would have purchased it from you. ;0) Her red hair adds so much to it. Thank you for the offer on the ear remedies. It turns out it wasn't my ears. I think I might be clenching my teeth at night, therefore messing up my TMJ, which in turns affects the ears. I pulled out my retainers, which I should have been wearing anyway (I got my braces taken off two years ago) and hopefully that might help the migraines. We're praying and hoping that will help. I'll come back to visit very soon. By the way, how is your beloved doing, heart wise? Is he still going strong on the CHIP program?