Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pattern Review Butterick B4569 and a Story

VJ said...

What was the name of the pattern you used, and the pattern number if you used one?

That is a good question. It is Butterick B4569.

I thought that since I am writing about the pattern, I should go ahead and give my comments about the pattern. I would not recommend anyone taking it on if they are a beginner. Make sure you are at least at an intermediate level or have someone around with a lot of experience to help you.

The sizing seems to be accurate to the bust measurements, so make sure you measure the child before you choose a size. Pattern sizes are not the same as store sizes.

When you are cutting out your pattern, be sure to mark all the little dots onto the fabric. They are important in several different places. I found that out too late and had some problems figuring out the spacing when it came time to attach the gathered ruffle to the skirt. With some fussing I was able to make it work, but would have taken less time to make the dots then it did to do all the fussing I did.

This is the first time I set myself free from iron on interfacing and I have to say that I am very happy with the results. I used sew in interfacing designed for this weight of fabric and I had not problem using it or sewing it in. I am going to use sew in in the future to avoid the stiffening and sometimes bubbling that comes where the iron interfacing is used.

The pattern called for 11 buttons, but I bought only 9 as their price is so high now days. I spaced them 1 1/2 inches apart and it looks just fine. It seems more buttons would be unnecessary.

The biggest problem with the pattern is that the directions are not clear for how to make the the section at the bottom of the strip of buttons. There is a little bit of information given in the drawings, but no clear written details of how to make it turn out correctly. This is the part of the pattern where you need experience or someone to help you. I figured something out and made it work, but I know that it wasn't how it was intended to be finished.

Still, I like how the dress turned out in the end. It has a flattering, nice cut for a little girl.

My final note is a story. Do you ever pray about sewing frustrations? I don't usually think to do so, but after making this dress, I think I should do it all the time.

A few years ago my husband purchased me a nice new sewing machine with lots of features for quilters. It didn't come with one of those special feet that help you sew a button hole the right size. This pretty little dress comes with 9 - 11 buttons on the front! I was dreading putting in all those button holes and getting them to come out right with just a basic button hole foot. In fact I was downright worried about it. I have done button holes before, but I'm not really good at it, and I have had problems before. I sat the dress aside several days, putting off the dreaded task. Finally this weekend I knew I needed to do it. I was so afraid I decided I'd better pray about it, then I got some scraps to practice on and started trying to make them come out the right size. I was working away wishing for one of those fancy feet for my machine. I even went up to my computer and did a web search to try to figure out how much one might cost. Expensive! So I went back to my machine and started to try again. Then all of a sudden it hit me like sunlight. My old machine, which my daughter is using now, has a nice buttonhole foot with a slider that you insert the button into so that each button hole comes out the same size! And the machine was set up only a few feet from me! I switched machines, then did a couple practice holes which turned out beautifully, and it wasn't long before I was done with all nine holes on the front of the dress. I redid only two of them so they lined up with the others more evenly. My resolve is to pray more often about even my sewing frustrations.

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VJ said...

Thanks for the information,the extra information and the story.

We serve an awesome God who is not too big to answer prayers about such things as sewing.

I would love to try making that dress for DeeDee when she gets a little older.