Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall Exploration Field Trip

Yesterday was a perfect fall day. We just couldn't spend the morning inside. There likely wouldn't be many more morning like this before the weather changes and turn cold. So I declared the day a fall exploration field trip day. We went to a nearby town where I knew there were some old houses and lovely large trees near a scenic college campus with a pretty little stream and trail.

Every where we turned vivid colors delighted our eyes. We had a wonderful time wandering down quiet streets and playing by the stream. The goal was to go enjoy the day and to create a sketch or poem to take home with us to remember the day.

Forest spied this fountain as we were first driving into the area. He knew that this was the thing he was going to sketch. He wanted to stop there first, but I knew we would see nothing else if we started there. But we did come back to the area later much to his delight.
After playing in the fountain a bit he set right to work and drew his fountain. Big college kids walked by and he didn't notice them at all. He was very focused.

Emily Rose took her journal over to the nearby steps and soon was writing poetry. Many students clearly wondered what she was doing there, but she didn't seem to see them. I was hoping to write poetry myself on a bench by the stream but didn't want to move my earnest students. So I set aside self consciousness and sat down and wrote too. It was a lovely day.

You may read the poetry of Emily Rose at her blog:

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Ann said...

What a beautiful homeschooling day. I consider opportunities to spend a day like that a real blessing.

Pamela said...

some gorgeous colors. After the past few nights I think its the end of that.

La Tea Dah said...

Did you see the national biggest tree specimen for it's variety on that campus? It's there! Totally awesome experience (along with all the other state's biggest tree winners!).

Debbie Ann said...

Wow! You were able to get some absolutely gorgeous Fall shots! So glad you decided to post some of them for us to see. :)