Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I Cook Gluten Free

VJ had another question for me.

"Excuse me for being so dense about gluten, but why are you staying away from it? My family loves the gluten steaks I make. Is there a nutritional something-or-other I'm missing or is someone in your family allergic?"

My answer is that yes, both my kids and I are gluten intolerant. We are much healthier and happier without it. We used to love gluten steaks too, and homemade whole wheat bread, and oatmeal, and crackers and pasta, etc. It takes some adjustment to change. It isn't convenient to eat with other people. But I'm glad I've made the change. I've learned that there are many delicious grains that don't have gluten in them. I've learned that I was really overeating wheat products and not eating very many fruits and veggies in proportion. It has helped me stop eating junk food, and I'm very happy for that. Being overweight is no longer a struggle for me. My weight has gone down to what it should be without having to try, something that I'd never been able to achieve before.

So that is the reasons my recipes use different grains. A person who isn't sensitive to gluten may not want to eat exactly as I do, but maybe they would. It is fun to try new ingredients, especially when they too are delicious and nutritious.

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VJ said...

Thanks for telling me. I was confused. I know about staying away from dairy, from fatty oils, sugar and the like, but gluton? Let me ask you one more question; how did you discover you were intolerant of gluton? What symptoms where there?