Wednesday, May 16, 2007

About Me

Peggy at HomemadeSimplicity made up this list of questions for us. I thought I give it a try for fun. If you do it on your blog, she just asks that you tell your readers where it came from.

Lace or Ribbon? Lace curtains
Mountain or Beach? Moutain wildflowers and sea shells at the beach
Reading or Writing? Reading stories to children and writing memories daily
Cookie or Cake? cookies
Baked or Mashed Potato? Baked with cashew gravy on top
Side or Back? side
Shrimp or Steak? never
Scrambled or Fried? scrambled tofu
Orange or Apple? fruit salad
Spring or Fall? Spring!
Roller Skating or Bowling? Too klutzy
DVD or Theater movies? DVD
Wood or Glass? Wood
Blue or Green? forest green, grass green, mint green, sea green, dark green, any green
Chocolate or Vanilla? dark chocolate
Quilt or Knit? Quilt
Early Morning or Late Night? Morning, of course, or you'd miss the sunrise
Coffee or Tea? tea
Watermelon or Strawberry? strawberries in spring, watermelon in the summer
Lunch or Dinner? lunch
Cold Cereal or Oatmeal? smoothie
Song or Dance? song
Carpet or Hardwood Floor? plush warm carpet or cool tile
Red or Pink? deep red
Cat or Dog? cat
Pretzels or Chips? corn chips
Iced Tea or Lemonade? limeade
Non-Fiction or Fiction? non-fiction
Rose or Daisy? wildflowers
Sunrise or Sunset? sunrise and sunset
Comb or Brush? brush
Pottery or Basket? pottery
Bracelet or Necklace? neither
Pen or Pencil? pen
Couch or Chair? couch
Country or Victorian? country garden or northwoods
Farm or Ranch? farm
Braid or Ponytail? braid
Cash or Check? cash
Chocolate Bar or Jelly Bean? dark chocolate bar
Coke or Pepsi? water
Hot Dog or Cheeseburger? tofu sprout burger
Blinds or Curtains? curtains
Dress or Pants? dress
Sun or Moon? sun
Adventure or Comedy? adventure, probably, but I really prefer sweet stories that make you cry
Cloud or Star? watercolored sunset clouds
Lake or River? lake
Half Full or Half Empty? half full
Truck or Car? car
Bath or Shower? hot tub and then shower
Clothesline or Clothes Dryer? clothes dryer, but I'd like a clothes line
New or Second Hand? second hand
Gum or Lifesaver? haven't had either in years
Email or Handwritten? handwritten
July or October? October
Barefoot or Shoes? slippers

2 bouquets of wildflowers (Comment here):

Pamela said...

Adventure or Comedy?

Shereen said...

LOL the hot dog or cheeseburger answer made me giggle out loud. I'm with you on that one.