Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rubber Boa in the Path

This weekend we went hiking again in the area of the secret waterfall. A squeal from one of the ladies with us brought to our attention that there was a snake in the path. The biologist in the group told us that it is a rubber boa, a gentle, docile, harmless snake that lives in this area. The coloring is very plain and his actions were very slow. I did a web search and found they like to eat mice. So if you find one on your property, be sure to let him or her continue to live there. Even though the sight of a snake makes my heart pound, and generally makes me jump back, this is not one to be afraid of. It is really a friend.

My son really enjoyed holding for him for a while. They seemed to get along really well. He has a cute little tongue. He wanted me to be sure to post these photos on my blog, even though snakes are not what I usually blog about. You can learn more about rubber boas here.

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La Tea Dah said...

My sister used to 'collect' these! She was the 'nature lady' at Camp Mivoden.

And. . .one time my mother-in-law had one as a short-term pet in her house. It got lost and I was not a happy camper! It was finally found under the sofa cushions!

Looks like your DS really enjoyed it alot!

Shereen said...

It really does look like a rubber snake. It's so funny how boys are just so drawn to God's creatures like that. That's great.