Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Black Beetles

We have some new pets. Forest found them in the yard. They are small black beetles. They like to eat apples.

5 bouquets of wildflowers (Comment here):

Debbie said...

Bad bugs! Apples are for people, not creepy crawlies. :)
Hope they aren't taking over your crop.

BTW-- how did your test go? I bet you did well!

VJ said...

Yeah, I'm curious about your ham test. As soon as you get your call letters, you'll have to share them with me.

Elizabeth Joy said...

Actually, they aren't eating the apples outside, but rather little bits from around the cores of apples we are eating that my son is feeding them. I have no idea if they eat apples when they have a choice.

Ann said...

What a great shot! Have you studied photography?

Pamela said...

some bird is just going to come along and grab those black beetles for their babies.

I know I would. Yum.

bwaaa haa ahahaahaha.