Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Online videos by Dr. T. Colin Campbell

If you would like to hear a couple lectures by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, I have good news. I found two of them at google video.

And the exciting thing is listening to them is free, if your internet connection can handle it. Mine can't quite load fast enough. There are some breaks in the speech. So I get it started. Then I press pause. It keeps loading. You can tell because a little bar keeps moving to the right below the video screen. Once it is loaded a good portion of the way, then I start it again, and it has much fewer breaks in the speech.

Lecture one - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-847196066367535747&q=T.+Colin+Campbell

Lecture two -

Also his book, The China Study, is really worth reading. You might be able to find a copy at your library. It presents the research, but it is easy enough to read with out having your own Ph.d.

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keri said...

I'm curious...so I ordered the book from my library. All four copies are checked out, but I'm on the list.
And I DO hope that you'll share your watercolor ideas on your blog!

Elizabeth Joy said...

I can't believe all four copies are out, except I can believe it. It is a good book! I'll do my best to blog about watercolors with kids, but it might not be for a while. It will take some thought and time for me to get it ready. And now I need to focus on my garden again, and on finishing a quilt for my new niece.

Jammy said...

Thanks for sharing the video links! I am definitely interested and will be viewing these for sure! I noticed Dr. Richard Schulze in the opening...that helps because I already do his stuff :)


Blue Dragonfly said...

Thanks for sharing the video link. I attended one of the Modern Manna Health Crusade in Lodi when he was a guest speaker. Also attended when Dr. Richard Schulze spoke.